EU22i Honda Inverter Generator


The Honda EU22i delivers better than commercial quality electricity, it has greater fuel efficiency via the built-in Eco-Throttle, increased diameter of oil filler for improved draining & catching of oil and improved recoil starter handle with new metal guard.

It has Honda’s advanced 4-Stroke GXR120 engine, which is 20% larger in capacity than the EU20i Generator. The GXR120 has a maximum output of 2200W and up to 8 hours of continuous operation on Eco-Throttle+, 4 litre fuel tank and whisper-quiet operation.

The EU22i starts first time every time with Honda's reliable one pull easy start system. It's environmentally friendly with low emissions, less noise and low fuel consumption than its two-stroke counterparts, and can run up to 8* hours of continuous operation on a full fuel tank. *With eco-throttle switched on at 1/4 output.

The new model has improved oil access making oil changes easier than the EU20.

An additional feature that also removes a substantial issue is stale fuel in the carburettor bowl. Camping is a seasonal activity and often the EU20i generator would spend months tucked away in the shed without use. You may empty the fuel tank but the fuel sitting in the system is left there. This lead to carby issues and starting problems caused by the stale fuel. Now, they have a run dry element on the switch which clears the complete unit of fuel so that it none is left in the units system when the generator needs to be stored. Now thats an absolute game changer!

A smaller improvement also includes an upgraded recoil starter that has a rope guard to improve its strength, and a rubber grip for comfort. 

Don't worry, this EU22i still maintains Honda's forever dependable 4-stroke technology, the eco-throttle for improved efficiency, oil alert, 12V battery charging cables and parallel connection ports!

As per usual you get a 4yr dealer wide domestic use warranty!!

LwA refers to sound power level and is measured at rated load, which is standardised by EU noise regulations. It is measured from 6 directions by a microphone placed 4 metres from the product in a closed anechoic room. This room is not affected by environmental conditions.

dB refers to sound pressure level and is measured from 4 directions (front, back, right and left) by a microphone that is placed 7 metres from the product and 1.5 metres from the lawn ground. It is not measured in a closed room. Therefore, the data is affected by environmental conditions such as temperature.

LwA is the globally used operating noise level.

$2,149.00RRP $2,349.00
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