Bar 35 Ton Horizontal Vertical Logsplitter

BE 35 Ton Vertical / Horizontal Engine Driven Log Splitter Frame - No Engine

BE's line of industrial, engine-driven splitters are a professional's pick for a high quality, road & farm worthy unit!  This high end unit has many features such as a solid steel full I-beam, polymer fenders, road worthy wheels, 2" hitch, and a towing light kit for transport.  



  • Frame Only - Couple With Your Engine

  • Easy Transition from Horizontal to Vertical Position

  • 3 Position Control Valve with Auto Ram Return

  • Extra Wide Log Cradle to Keep Logs in Place and Catch Pieces While Splitting

  • Industrial-grade Full I-Beam Construction Prevents Bending or Twisting

  • Tow Package (2" Receiver, Polymer Fenders, Towing Light Kit)

  • Heavy Duty Tapered Wheel Bearings

  • 2 year residential, 180 day commercial warranty

  • Ideally Paired with Honda GX270 Engine


  • 35 Ton Splitting Force

  • 3500 PSI Max

  • 5" x 24" Hydraulic Ram

  • 60.5L/min Hydraulic Pump

  • 11 Second Cycle Time

  • 2500 PSI Relief Valve Setting

  • Splits Logs up to 635mm Length x 203mm Width

  • Supplied with oil (Shell Tellus S2M #32)

  • 249 Kg Unit Weight

  • Ideally Paired with Honda GX270 Engine

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Bar 35 Ton H/V Logsplitter

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